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校招-助理设计工程师Jr.Design Engineer(欢迎应届生投递)


English (UK)

Job Description

What are my responsibilities?

Performance of basic and detailed design construction of distribution transformers in accordance with the design rules of Technology Transfer Agreement 根据技术转让协议的设计原则, 进行配变的基本结构设计和具体结构设计; 
Modification of standard distribution transformer designs according to additional customer requirements 按技术规范和合同要求进行
Design review following the results of electrical quality tests during production and final tests on the complete transformer in test field
Assistance in analyzing and giving advice to workshop in case of manufacturing problems 对生产过程中出现的问题协助予以分析、
Monitoring the overall design of his project in order to keep design schedule and ensure quality 对所负责的项目产品设计全过程进行
Preparation of offers, incl. calculation, cost, drawing, data...产品投标。投标工作包括:电磁计算, 成本计算, 图纸,技术参数等。 

What do I need to qualify for this job?

Bachor Degree with Major in Electrical Engineering and Automation,Electrical-mechanic, High voltage 电气工程及其自动化/机电一体化/高压;
Ability to work independently, completely and carefully; 能独立、全面、细致工作; 
Good sense of responsibility and customer service; 高度的责任心和客户服务意识; 
Good interpersonal skills, effective communication skill and logic thinking; 良好的人际交往能力、沟通能力和逻辑表达能力; 
Has the attention of employee healthy and security. 具有职业健康安全意识。

Job ID: 80240

Organisation: Energy Management

Experience Level: Early Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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