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Specialist - Product Management (Product Owner)

Bengaluru, India
Product Management, Portfolio & Innovation

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Job Description

Job Title: Specialist - Product Management (Product Owner)

Location: Bangalore, India

Organization: SHS TI DC IND DI1 PRM

Mode of employment: Full time

Job Description: The Product Owner is responsible for the definition and delivery of a part of a product from a customer and market requirement point of view - regarding content, prioritization, quality and customer excitement for a given cost and time frame.

Responsible for a part of the product through the product life cycle from the definition to the phase-out.

Provides the associated development teams with priorities and expertise regarding the product and ensures completeness and consistency of the derived requirements within the part of the product.

Responsible for definition and delivery of a part of a product from a customer and market requirement point of view, working with one or several development teams.

Internal Interactions: Product Line Manager, Product Manager, Project Manager, Quality Manager, Development Team (e.g. Scrum Master, System Analyst, Architect, Developers, Testers), Usability Engineer, other stakeholders (e.g. Business Units)

External Interactions: Customers – Radiologists, Radiology Technicians, Hospital Administrators, IT Administrators etc.


What are my tasks?

·        Elicit and collect stakeholder requests

·        Define and prioritize Market Requirements

·        Analyze Market Requirements (e.g. initiate and manage concepts for complex Market Requirements)

·        Derive, prioritize and communicate Software Requirements

·        Create Software Requirement Specifications (i.e. problem part)                                                                                                                

·        Coach/ support development team's questions and resolve conflict regarding features and requirements

·        Analyze and decide complaints and charms                                                                                              

·        Achieve commitments with and motivate development teams, assist development teams in attaining maximum effective sustainable pace for development

·        Ensure quality by evaluating results of iterations and either approve/ accept or reject results based on DONEness criteria

·        Support effort estimations of development teams

·        Analyze change request entries and prioritize with other product backlog items

·        Coordinate cross-feature-area development with peers to facilitate prioritized product development

·        Deliver input for project management

·        Support roll-out of the system, presentation, workshops, training for sales and engineering

What do I need to know to qualify for this job?

Qualification: A Bachelors / masters degree in engineering and / or business administration/MBBS with Healthcare informatics.

Experience: 7 to 15 years

·        Market and customer understanding

·        Clinical Workflow

·        Product Knowledge

·        Regulatory Requirements for medical devices (i.e. FDA 21CFR820QSR, ISO 13485)

·        Product Lifecycle Management (Certified Scrum Product Owner)

·        Presentation, Elicitation, Negotiation, Communication

·        (Agile) Requirements Engineering

·        (Agile) Project Management

·        Usability Engineering

·        SW Architecture

·        SW Verification & Validation

·        Healthcare IT know how

·        Product Standards (DICOM, IHE, etc.)

·        Leadership


What experience do I need to have?

·        Professional: Several years of experience in the medical device/ healthcare industry (e.g. as a Product Owner, System Engineer, System Analyst, Technology Lead, Lead Architect etc.), expertise in clinical and radiological workflows, experience in image processing. Several years of experience in IT product or solution business.

·        Project / Process: Several years of experience in requirements engineering and SW development. Ideally, IT integration experience. Experience in agile development projects, preferably in Product Owner role.

·        Leadership: Experience with managing internationally staffed teams, management and balancing of different stakeholder expectations, management of product definitions. Ideally several years experience in technical leadership role and communicating direction and coaching others.

·        Intercultural: Experience with international/ intercultural teams, conduction of workshops with international development partners and customers.

What else do I need to be strong at?

·        Self-starter and quick learner

·        Self driven and Initiative

·        Creative and strategic thinking

·        Decision making skills

·        Result orientation

·        Self motivated and provides motivation and inspiration to the team

·        Strong Analytical and Problem Solving Skills.

·        Strong team player and networking skills

·        Strong written and oral communication skills.

·        Strong interpersonal skills

·        Strong customer focus


About Siemens Healthineers:

Siemens Healthineers is one of the world's largest suppliers of technology to the healthcare industry and a leader in medical imaging, laboratory diagnostics and healthcare IT. All supported by a comprehensive portfolio of clinical consulting, training, and services available across the globe and tailored to customers' needs.

In fiscal 2015, Siemens Healthcare had around 44,000 employees worldwide and posted a revenue worth 12.9 billion euros, and profits of more than 2.1 billion euros.

At Siemens Healthineers, we are passionate about enabling healthcare providers worldwide to deliver high-quality patient care, and to do so affordably.

As a leading global healthcare company, we at Siemens Healthineers continuously develop our portfolio further, from medical imaging and laboratory diagnostics, to adding managed services, consulting, and healthcare IT services – as well as further technologies for therapeutic and molecular diagnostics.

Turning product and service engineering into healthcare engineering

When thinking of engineering it comes down to bits and bytes, to pixels and voxels, to mg/dl and mmol/l. Is that not true? We believe it is, but only to a certain extent. We believe in engineering in a broader sense. Applying engineering and scientific skills, creativity, and persistence to solve the fundamental clinical, operational and financial challenges whenever and wherever they occur – that is what we believe in and what we strive for.

We have always been close to care providers, helping them to deliver better care for patients. Based on strong dedication to engineering excellence, we undertook many times pioneering role in helping healthcare professionals to improve care and extend it to more patients.

For the future it´s about further developing our traditional strengths in the imaging and diagnostics arena and complementing them with new offerings. We continuously expand into management, consulting, and digital services, and broaden our portfolio with, for example, advanced therapy solutions and molecular invitro diagnostics.

At Siemens Healthineers we are connecting our product heritage, our global network of customers, our healthcare expertise, our project experience, and our service skills to holistically support you according to your needs – taking our excellence in product engineering to healthcare engineering.

Job ID: 80468

Organisation: Siemens Healthineers

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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