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Numerical Software Engineer

Cambridge, United Kingdom
Research & Development

English (UK)

Job Description

Parasolid Software Engineer, Siemens Industry Software

Who are we?

The Parasolid group is part of Siemens Industry Software, who specialise in providing software products to support all facets of the manufacturing industry.

Parasolid is a 3D modelling toolkit used in hundreds of the world’s leading Computer Aided Design, Engineering and Manufacturing programs. Parasolid has been at the cutting edge of 3D design for over 30 years, with a wide range of technology leaders and household names, such as Apple, SpaceX, Red Bull F1, Lego, Canon, and Dyson, designing their products on systems powered by Parasolid. With over 4 million engineers and designers using Parasolid-based applications daily, you are rarely more than a metre away from a product designed with Parasolid geometry.

Where are we?

We are based in Cambridge, UK, close to the central railway station. It’s easy to get to by foot, bike, car, bus or train. We’re next door to the beautiful Botanical Gardens and a few minutes’ walk from the historic centre of town.

Why are we recruiting?

Parasolid has always been a market leader but we don’t intend to rest on our laurels. We are continually generating new ideas for better products and enhancements to our current products. We are strengthening our development team to meet the needs of our customers and to ensure we transform our innovations into top quality software.

Who are we looking for?

We’re looking for graduates, post docs and experienced software engineers to join our team and create new and improved 3D modelling tools.

We typically recruit mathematicians and physicists, but are open to anyone with a good degree in a numerate subject.

If you are passionate about problem solving and writing numerical software, have good working knowledge of vector algebra and an ability to visualise shapes in 3D, then we would love to hear from you.

How do we develop?

Our software engineers work in small teams of 5-6, and all the teams interact closely to provide the best solutions for our customers.

Everyone has their own desk, a high spec PC with plenty of RAM and CPU power to run and debug the code on real world customer data, and a couple of monitors.

Our products are written in C and C++, but we often use other languages, like python and C#, for in-house tools. We use Visual Studio for some products and our in-house development environment for others, along with a variety of commercial and home grown tools to speed up the development process.

A fully automated testing infrastructure is built into the development environment to allow for rapid feedback on code changes. Once changes are submitted we have a comprehensive system to test our products on customer data, ensuring quality before the software leaves the building.

Why work for Siemens?

Siemens offers competitive salaries and a great range of employee benefits. We work 37.5 hours per week, have flexible working hours and the dress code is casual.

We share our building with other Siemens Industry Software teams offering opportunities to work in other teams, either temporary or permanently.

There is an active social scene with a wide variety of clubs and social events.

Job ID: 82478

Organisation: Digital Factory

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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