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Siemens SEDL Service Engineer 西门子电气传动 服务工程师(风力发电机) 天津


English (UK)

Job Description


1. Completes various technical support tasks, including technical clarification and support to solve customer problems.


2. Acts as an interface to customer, quotes for onsite services and standard spare parts according to the company's regulation, receives and handles customer requests and orders.


3. Contributes to or conducts the improvement of internal production and process, basing on relevant data collected and problems found in services. 对售后服务中收集的相关数据和发现的相关问题进行及时的反馈和升级,助力公司内部的生产及流程的改进。                                                                                             

4. Have cost consciousness to make good cost estimation and cost control in services.


5. Determines priorities of tasks and actions and schedules measures accordingly. 根据获得相关的信息决定工作的内容和时间及优先级。                                                                                       

6. Adheres to relevant processes and regulations.


7. May manage sub-contractors and monitors delivery. 


8. Support other related department for data of business.


9. Continuous improvements take place under the lean principles within own responsibility. Well understand and strictly follow up the requirements of national laws and SEDL QMS documents so as to ensure the quality of product, service and process qualified and continuously improved.


10. Strictly comply with and implement the responsibility and obligation in signed <SEDL EHS Commitment Letter>. Ensure to comply with national, local EHS laws and regulations, Siemens and SEDL EHS requirements.

严格遵守并履行员工本人签署的《环境、健康、安全管理责任书》中承诺的各项责任和义务。 确保遵守国家、地方政府、西门子以及SEDLEHS法律法规和相关要求。                                                                                     


Motor/ generator production or service experience.


More than 2 years design, installation and service experiences of related product; 从事过两年以上的相关产品的设计、安装和服务工作

Good know-how of motor/generator industry;了解熟悉电机/发电机的相关产品

Negotiation and team work skill; 具有团队合作意愿

Positive and responsible working attitude积极负责的工作态度

Knowing after-sales service scope and process well;了解售后服务范围和流程

Have excellent written, oral English; 良好的英语读写及口语能力

Professional use of Microsoft Office software;熟练使用Office办公软件

Be familiar with applicable safety, health and environmental law and requirements.熟悉相关的EHS知识

Experience with SAP is preferred SAP经验更佳                                                                                                                                                        







Job ID: 84555

Organisation: Process Industries and Drives

Experience Level: Early Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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