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Project Procurement Manager (PPM)

Singapore, Singapore
SCM-Procurement / Supply Chain Logistics

English (UK)

Job Description

What are my responsibilities?

  • Early Involvement
    Participate in project/sales meetings as project team member to exert a shaping influence at an early stage and to optimize internal workflows and processes.
  • Project Procurement standards
    Establish proper sourcing processes and control all Procurement resources and activities in the project and informing all involved in Procurement to deliver optimum impact of cost-cutting potential (Procurement plan, target-costing) and other Procurement targets and to meet requirements relating to deadlines and quality. Apply Procurement regulations as per Compliance and organization standards.
  • Bid preparation / Contribution to increased hit rate
    Analyze customer inquiries during bid preparation / opportunity management phases and exactly understand the customer's functional needs in order to include (supplier) innovations that improve Siemens' cost position and/or the customer's benefit.
    Support project calculation with reliable material cost data.
  • Analyze scope of supply and contract agreements, carry out risk analyses and introduce negotiation recommendations together with Commodity Management to prepare for negotiations with suppliers (back-to-back where appropriate) and to initiate appropriate measures.
    Analyze sales and operations planning in respect of starting / new projects, assessing and controlling of material costs within the whole project business in order to ensure the involvement of Procurement.
  • Strategy definition and implementation
    Derive Procurement strategies in projects on the basis of Division-wide and BU-wide Procurement strategies and ensure their implementation (in particular pooling or utilization of master contracts), as well as identify solution approaches and integrate diverse objectives to achieve the project and the strategic Procurement targets
  • Negotiation
    Head up contractual and price negotiations and/or support the specialist buyers responsible for particular material fields (in particular those not covered by any Commodity Management) to secure project targets with optimum conditions.
  • Monitoring/Reporting
    Clarify internal indicators for project controlling and compiling all relevant information to submit qualified reports (e.g. for the project team, Procurement management team).
  • Supplier Management
    Provide supplier information to the project and conduct project-specific supplier evaluations (project evaluations).
  • Risk and opportunity management
    Identify particular Procurement risks, opportunities and market forces during the project together with the Commodity Management to avoid potential damage / exploit potential opportunities through tailored risk and claim management (e.g. contractual framework).
  • Knowledge management
    Forward systematically all relevant Procurement related project information (e.g. updated contractual conditions, Supplier Management data) to keep all project participants up to date

What do I need to qualify for this job?

  • Bachelor Degree in Materials Management /Procurement / Supply Chain Management
  • At least 5 years experience in Procurement, Project business, SAP
  • Intercultural experience in an international team
  • Good communication skills.
  • Good team player.

Job ID: 84740

Organisation: Process Industries and Drives

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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