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Manufacturing Engineer 制造工艺工程师

Shenzhen, China

English (UK)

Job Description

We at Siemens Healthineers™ are committed to helping healthcare providers globally to succeed in today’s dynamic environment. We are inspired to transform the way things are done – because we want what is best for our people, our customers and ultimately the health of mankind. While we are invested in engineering excellence – leading-edge medical technologies and services, we don’t stop there. We’re also deeply invested in our 46.000 people with the hearts of pioneers and minds of engineers, highly committed and connected in this industry. And as we strive to shape the future of healthcare, our overall success will depend on our ability to continuously reinvent ourselves.

 What are my responsibilities?

-Organize and perform the new product introduction as well as product changes. Prepare all relative manufacturing documents in advance.

Introduce manufacturing and packaging concept as well as related documentation to production.



-Ensure with Development, Industrialization as well as Manufacturing Engineering teams (China and Germany) that all relevant know-how, tools, requirements and specifications regarding production have been provided in time.


-Provide, archive all related documents for manufacturing to production self responsible.

Replace documents in case of product changes.

(e.g. Create Routing, Device Master Record - DMR, work instructions and descriptions, Master Data in ERP-System).



-Check the results of production according given requirements. Detect and prevent processing and manufacturing problems.

Initiate and implement improvements in accordance with senior engineers. In case of "non conformities" suggest, initiate and follow up technical improvements in accordance with Siemens QM-System.



-Technical support for manufacturing during the product life cycle time. Align manufacturing processes also with requirements and implementations of test department.


-Create quality inspection (first sample inspection / regular inspection) for sourcing parts and perform first sample inspection self responsible.

In case of deviations, initiate counter measures in accordance with QM and SPR department.



-Plan maintenance of related equipment and processes. Provide technical support to maintenance team.


-Optimize production machines (e.g. Assembly expert, wave soldering). Improve first pass yield of machines.

Technical clarification of issues regarding Product assembling.


-Support in validation and verification of production processes, including the complete documentation and test plan.


What do I need to qualify for this job?

-2-5 years experience in related field (e.g. EMS, Electronic assembly production, PCB - Machines, processes in PCB manufacturing, ..).

2 - 5年以上相关专业工作经验(例如,EMS电子组装生产,PCB,机器,流程的PCB制造)

-Knowledge of Electronic manufacturing machines as well as programing knowledge of Assembly expert (ASM pick and place, Wave Soldering, DEK printing machines, Reflow oven).懂得电子制造设备以及编程知识的装配专家(ASM贴片机,波峰焊,DEK印刷机,回流炉)

-knowledge about production of electronics and complex electronic assemblies including principles of testing. EMS service as well as industrialization for production.掌握生产电子产品和复杂的电子组件包括测试原理,EMS服务以及工业化生产。

-Knowledge of First Pass Yield, Design for manufacturing, FMEA and Quality standards (e.g. 6sigma principle)掌握设计制造、FMEA和质量标准(例如6西格玛原理)

-SAP Knowledge on manufacturing engineering and QM related modules (e.g. routing, BOM, Document management, SAP-EDM, Change Management)掌握AP知识制造工程和QM相关模块(如工时、物料清单、文档管理、SAP-EDM、变更管理)

-Knowledge and capability of MS Office and Web applications required.掌握办公软件和Web应用程序。

-Knowledge of IPC 610 E as well as of ISO9002 and ISO 13485:2003掌握IPC 610 E 以及 ISO9002 ISO 13485:2003

-Ability to us CAD to review and understand technical drawings and specifications (e.g. electronic components descriptions)能够使用CAD了解技术图纸和规格(如电子元件的描述)

Job ID: 84788

Organisation: Siemens Healthineers

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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