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Sales 100 Trainee - Sales Technical Support ( Shanghai )

Shanghai, China

English (UK)

Job Description

Job Descriptions:

1. Identify with company's management culture and value. Comply with sales rules.
2. Cooperate with the sales staff to master the needs of customers and coordinate the technical support of the French colleagues.
3. Responsible for the preparation of the technical program component of the program proposal.
4. Guide customer's technical needs and support the project signing.
5. Organize customer needs and solutions, assist French technical manager and design departments in planning and drawing design.
6. According to the requirements of the French technical manager and after-sales service manager, cooperate with the on-site equipment installation, commissioning and other technical support work.
7. Receive and assist in solving various types of on-site technical problems encountered by customers, and timely and accurately report the on-site information to the China Country Manager.
8. Support marketing and sales, and provide relevant training for customers and engineers.
9. Responsible for the production of technical briefings in sales work.
10. According to the requirements of the China Country manager, assist the sales department to implement advertising and other marketing activities in the Greater China Region.
11. Provide market competition information.
12. Quick and accurate and provide all reports and data as required by the China Country Manager, such as weekly work plan / report, etc.
13. Collect industry information and customer needs for the French technical department and China Country manager to improve products and design new products.

Job Descriptions:

1. University 4-year Bachelor degree or above, Mechanical related major is preferred.
2. Physically fit for willing to frequent business travels.
3. Be skillful in using such as Excel, Word, PPT, AutoCAD, etc.
4. Good skills in time and pressure management.
5. CET-4 or above, fluent in listening, writing and speaking.

What else do I need to know?

Flender Ltd., China  弗兰德传动系统有限公司
Working Location: Shanghai 

Job ID: 85135

Organisation: Process Industries and Drives

Experience Level: Student (Not Yet Graduated)

Job Type: Full-time

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