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BT BSCE Serior Product Quality Engineer 西门子楼宇科技 西伯乐斯 高级研发质量工程师 北京

Research & Development

English (UK)

Job Description

Independently act as PQM in big product development project(incl. provide PLM process coach to project team, suitable process tailoring based on project's characteristics, compliance check against designed process,  regular project quality report and escalate quality risk/issue if necessary) for making assurance of project process and product quality.


Organize and participate configuration management work(incl. lead and work out project configuration management plan, implement regular/baseline audit and report, take responsibility of CCB member) for the dilivery is under correctness and completeness version control and efficiency change control.


Collect process data at different phases, milestone and end point of project, drive project level's process performance improvement by data analysis, and provide qualified raw data for building up process capability benchmark for organizational level.


Lead organization level process measurement definition, data collection and analysis, quantitatively reflect the process implement performance, identify common process issue and submit valuable process improvement proposal

Take  responsibility of organizational level common tool/platform(incl. play admin role, provide daily supporting & training, tool maintenance and upgrade).


Actively study and share knowledge in the area of process improvement and quality management, and provide timely and clearness process coaching to team(incl. Agile, SAFe, 8D etc.). Continue accumulating product know-how for deeply ensuring product quality. 


How to qualify for this role?

1. Bachelor degree or above, master degree is preferred, major in engineering related 
2. 3+ years working experience in SW/HW/ME development, testing or project management
3. 5+ years working experience in product quality assurance or process improvement with close involvelement of R&D organization
4. Experiences in Agile, SAFe are advantages
5. Preferably product know-how experiences in software, electrical or mechanical engineering.    
6. Experiences in international companies are advantages


Professional Knowledge: 
1) Familiar with mainstream quality management system and process model, e.g.  ISO9001, CMMI, etc.
    熟悉主流的质量管理体系和过程模型,例如:ISO9001, CMMI, 等
2) Knowledge of methodology in the area of project management, product development and testing
3) Professional training certificate in Agile, SAFe, quality management, process improvement or project manegment field a big plus
    具备Agile、 SAFe、质量管理、过程改进或项目管理领域专业培训证书优先

at similar level of CET-6, good ability of read and write in English and fluent expression in spoken English

Tool skill:
1) Familiar with MS office / 熟悉微软办公软件
2) Basic operating skill at Microsoft Project and Visio/  MSP和Visio基本操作技能
3) Expert at Excel or PPT is a big plus / Excel or PPT的专家优先

Other characteristics: 
1) Logical thinking and good learning ability /逻辑性思维和良好的学习能力
2) Self-motivation, willing of service others and good team working skills /自我激励,服务他人的意愿和良好的团队合作精神
3) Good ability of time management, and strong initiative to achieve the designed targets/ 良好的时间管理能力和为达成既定目标的主动性

Job ID: 85923

Organisation: Building Technologies

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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