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Master Thesis - Pump efficiency

Finspang, Sweden
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Master Thesis – Pump efficiency

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We are now searching for a Master Thesis student to Siemens Industrial Turbomachinery AB in Finspång, Sweden. The Master Thesis project will result in a report from the results of the testing with 3D models of how the pump flow varies with different outlet pressures and fluid viscosities.

The challenge - Background / problem statement 

The gas turbines use fuels for combustion and in the liquid fuel system for the SGT-600 – SGT-800 there is a frequency controlled high pressure pump. The pump is an internal gear pump commonly used in the hydraulic industry.

The flow through the pump is in the gas turbine governor represented by a linear function, pump speed versus fuel flow. This assumes that the pump has a constant efficiency, which is estimated. The efficiency of the pump is dependent of the outlet pressure from the pump, the viscosity of the pumped fluid (fluid temperature) and manufacturing tolerances in the pump among others.

The work is going to study the efficiencies of the 3 different pumps (same type of pump, only difference is size) theoretically and practically to see if the accuracy of the control of liquid fuel supplied to the gas turbine can be improved.

Topic – what will the degree project involve?

  • The work will include a background study regarding the theories of the internal gear pump efficiencies as well as a brief description of how the pump flow is currently represented in the gas turbine control system.
  • Included is also to plan the set up for the test facility for testing the pumps and participation in the testing (most of the test facilities already exists just minor modifications are needed to accomplish the test).
  • The actual test and test set-up will be performed by commissioning personal from Siemens. The testing will be done with different outlet pressure from the pump and different fluid temperatures to study the variations in flow and efficiency.
  • There is also a possibility to extend the scope of work with additional pressure/pulsation measurements at the outlet of the pump.

Deliverables – what is expected?

The degree project will result in a report from the results of the testing with 3D models of how the pump flow varies with different outlet pressures and fluid viscosities. Suitable software for displaying the results from the flow testing is Matlab, but not required since this could be done in other software programs as well.

The final report should include suggestions for improved flow accuracy through the pump to be used in the gas turbine control system.


The student is to work in the Finspång for most of the time.

Who are you?

  • You are a Master degree student in Mechanical engineering and fluid dynamics.
  • Prerequisites – program, system etc. Process knowledge about fluid systems and pumps. Matlab experience is not a must but can be used for modelling the measured data.
  • You can speak and write Swedish and English fluently.
  • You are analytical and social. 
  • You have an interest in the combination of practical and theoretical work.

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Do not hesitate - apply today via refnr 86792 and no later than 23 November. You will be based in Finspång, Sweden (most of the time).  

For questions about the role please contact Mats Ekman, tel.  +46 (0)122 81942 or for questions about the recruitment process contact  Malin Tallberg, tel. +46 (0)122 81381.

Trade Union representatives:
Christine Lindström, Unionen, 0122-817 28
Simon Bruneflod, Sveriges Ingenjörer, 0122-842 24
Jan Lundgren, Ledarna, 0122-812 33
Kenth Gustavsson, IF Metall, 0122-815 25


In this recruitment we renounce all calls relating to advertising and recruitment support.

Job ID: 86792

Organisation: Power and Gas

Experience Level: Student (Not Yet Graduated)

Job Type: Either

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