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Siemens SFAE Project Manager西门子工厂自动化工程有限公司 项目经理_驱动类产品 北京

Project Management

English (UK)

Job Description

What are my responsibilities?

1. Manage Customer Requirements
# Actively gathers information on the customer and customer's strategies, requirements and targets
# Manages customer expectations; identifies / creates additional opportunities out of the ongoing projects
# At an early stage, informs customer, management and project team of deviations from project plan
# Actively builds relationships to customer representatives 
2. Manage project finances on the basis of contractual developments and risk situation
# Lives full responsibility for the financial results according to set targets
# Examines the project proposal/order entry costing
# Ensures regular financial controlling and reporting according to regulations
# Optimizes the project gross profit, cash flow and assets
# Identifies and minimizes non-conformance costs
# Ensures that the results of risk assessments are appropriately reflected in costing
# Fosters change orders with good margin contribution
3. Manage the project throughout the project Life Cycle
# Handles relevant planning elements and milestone results throughout the project life cycle
# Sets up and maintains the Siemens Project Management Plan including Quality Management Plan
# Involves the relevant partners in the sales/ project initiation phase
# Performs contract reading and derives actions concerning risks, opportunities and contractual obligations 
# Agrees targets and work packages with project staff and delegates defined work packages
# Is responsible for the technical solution ind integration of all (sub-)systems
# Ensures proper ramp up and execution of site activities
# Documents all work results according to the valid standards
# Manages acceptance (tests) and final project handover
# Identifies and assesses risk factors utilizing available risk measurement tools
# Manages an overall project with onshore and offshore part according to the New Collaboration Model

4. Manage project team
# Agrees targets with project staff and delegates defined responsibilities and authority
# Holds and seeks actively feedback (e.g. team members, managers, customers)
# Supports team-members' personal development (eg. PMP-process)
# Involves the project team in the identification of changes and claims
# Demonstrates leadership to functionally assigned intercultural staff, agrees targets and delegates accordingly
# Cooperates closely with line managers and experts
# Facilitates and monitors effective team collaboration (e.g. via coaching)
5. Develop strategies for the project and beyond
# Aligns project targets with business strategy; signes a project manager target agreement
# Develops and considers strategic targets for own project in line with responsible business manager
# Identifies / creates additional opportunities out of the ongoing projects

6.Manage compliance to standards, rules and regulations
# Leads project members to act according to the Business Conduct Guidelines
# Implements rules (e.g. tax regulations, arms lengths principle, delegation of employees, guarantees and export control)
# Sets necessary measures to ensure zero harm policy in environment, health and safety
# Sets up a framework to regular check of compliance in the project and with subcontractors
# Complies to local standards and law of countries directly affected (e.g. of: customer, suppliers, partners)
# Complies to internal and international rules (ZRG, AWV, INCOTERMS), Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management, Asset Management, Procurement Policy

What do I need to know to qualify for this job?

Bachelor degree or above, majoring in Automation related
At least 3 years work experience
Experience as General Project Manager with overall responsibility on project results including budget, financial management of risk, opportunities and claims is preferred
Good communication skills
Team working spirit
Self responsibility 

What else do I need to know?

西门子工厂自动化工程有限公司创建于1993年, 是西门子在中国自动化领域投资的第一家运营公司。2015起该公司整合了西门子在中国的工厂自动化工程团队、过程自动化工程团队、以及客户服务团队的资源,新成立九大事业部。在此基础上,公司业务覆盖范围进一步拓宽, 利用高质量的西门子产品、源自德国的先进技术,凭借丰富的工程经验及创新的解决方案成为西门子流程工业与驱动集团以及数字化工厂集团专业的工程与服务公司。
公司于2006年获得中国电气工业100强称号,排名第93位。 2014年排名至第40位,评为“竞争力10强”企业。

Job ID: 87350

Organisation: Process Industries and Drives

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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