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Siemens SSCL Embedded Software Design Engineer 西门子传感器与通讯有限公司 嵌入式固件研发工程师 大连

Research & Development

English (UK)

Job Description

What are my responsibilities?
1.    provide software engineering expertise for new product development and product maintenance, such as enhancement and cost reduction from design perspective 
2.    ensure the feasibility and high quality of own results, related to the software design/programming, its specifications and all related documentations
3.    Communicate with project managers and functional managers on regular basis about the assigned project task planning, status of planned such as well as report identified risks, etc.
4.    Initiate reviews with sr. software engineers as well as peers of same function and cross function related to project plan, risk identification and mitigation, design, testing and documentation, etc.
5.    watch the state-of-the-art and identify trends in the related specific competence area, including MCUs, software languages and tools, methods and standards in embedded software, application and  related fields
6.    comply with Siemens business guideline and related regulations

What do I need to know to qualify for this job?
1.    Bachelor degree and above, majoring in software engineering or related. At least 3 years experience in software development.
     本科以上学历,软件工程或相关专业。 至少三年的软件开发经验。
2.    preferred experience of embedded software and application design, design verification and documentation for integrated systems and sub-systems, from concept design up to release to production
3.    preferred experience of embedded software and firmware development environment, debugging by hardware related tools such as oscilloscope, multimeter meter, etc.
4.   good knowledge of MCU peripheral port and device(such as EEPROM / Flash / SPI / ADC etc.)
    对于MCU及其外围设备(如EEPROM / Flash / SPI / ADC等)有很好的知识经验。
5. good knowledge of RTOS
6.    basic knowledge of modern software engineering and software framework
7.   preferred basic knowledge of automation control( such as PID control etc.)
8.    preferred basic knowledge and experience of systematic design and value benefit analysis
9.    basic knowledge of software design engineering systems programs, incl. configuration tools
10. good English, must

What else do I need to know?

Job ID: 87523

Organization: Process Industries and Drives

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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