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Manufacturing Technology Engineer 工艺工程师


English (UK)

Job Description

For our Energy Management Division in GUANGZHOU,we are looking for a STGZ Manufacturing Technology Engineer 广州西门子变压器 变压器工艺工程师.

What are my responsibilities?

Proactively support the training program to be familiar with company process and procedure; 通过培训项目熟悉公司业务流程;
Understanding transformer knowledge and proactively take part in the workshop practice; 通过车间实习掌握基础变压器知识;
Workshop production capacity assessment and analysis;车间生产能力评估和分析;
Workshop layout design and optimization;车间布局设计和优化;
Manufacturing technology and equipment improvement; 生产工艺及设备改进;
Manufacturing documents preparation and amending; 工艺文件准备和修改;
Lean activity implementation. 开展精益生产活动。

What do I need to qualify for this job?

Ability to work independently, completely and carefully; 能独立、全面、细致工作;
Have experience and ability to analyze and solve problems; 具有分析、解决问题的能力;
Good sense of responsibility and customer service; 高度的责任心和客户服务意识;
Good interpersonal skills, effective communication skill and logic thinking; 良好的人际交往能力、沟通能力和逻辑表达能力;
Proficiency on PC and software tools (e.g. MSword, Excel, AutoCAD, ...) 个人计算机及软件工具操作能力
Has the attention of employee healthy and security. 具有职业健康安全意识.

Job ID: 87716

Organisation: Energy Management

Experience Level: Early Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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