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Siemens Graduate Program EM Strategy 西门子管理培训生项目-能源管理战略规划-上海

Shanghai, China

English (UK)

Job Description

We are looking for university graduates who have completed Management and Economy field, or technical field, e.g Electric Engineering of study for inclusion in our group-wide Siemens Graduate Program.

What does the Siemens Graduate Program offer me?
The Siemens Graduate Program (SGP) offers you the ideal start to your career – your opportunity to prepare yourself for a successful
career at Siemens. Designed as an intensive and internationally oriented two-year program, the SGP will prepare you for future leadership tasks, offering both flexibility and diverse work experiences. The program, which enables you to actively integrate your interests and yourqualifications, consists of three challenging eight-month assignments, during which you’ll be familiarized with at least two functional areas
in one of our Divisions. One of these three assignments will take place abroad at one of our 1,700 international business locations in morethan 200 countries. On this international rotation you’ll learn about the local business and culture while taking on various responsibilitiesand project work. You will also receive an intensive training program and the opportunity for personal development. A personal mentor will be at your side for the duration of the program, helping you to achieve your various objectives while promoting your development and
assisting you in planning your career.

Job title: Siemens Graduate Program, Energy Management Division, Siemens Ltd., China 西门子(中国)有限公司能源集团 管理培训
Working Location: Shanghai, 工作地点: 上海
Business Unit : Energy Management Division, Siemens Ltd., China 业务部门: 西门子(中国)有限公司能源管理集团

What are my responsibilities?
? 两年内通过三个具有挑战性的轮岗(其中一个在海外),密集的培训和导师指导,管理培训生项目培养参与者成为未
? After three challenging assignments in two years, one of them abroad, intense training on and off the job, and
mentoring, the SGP program participants should be developed to be future leaders with management
<Position Specific Requirement> e.g.
? Market Research: support team leader to complete the following research work, and write reports
o Macro watch, including macro economy trend forecast, government policy analysis and etc.
o Vertical insight, including Utility, Industrial, Infrastructure and etc.
o Competitor monitoring, including competitors’ strategy, key product, channel, organization and etc.
o Customer movement, including customers’ demands, buying behaviors and etc.
o Others
? Participate in business project: support project leader to ensure the high quality deliverables
o Siemens Energy Management China strategy program: including strategy formulation, execution, review and adjustment.
o New business development: define new opportunities, propose concrete strategy to approach new opportunities, monitor and follow the results
o Others
? Coordination and communication: support team leader to coordinate and communicate with different BUs and departments, to effectively reach alignment
o Business meeting preparation and participation
o Internal and external events organization
o Others

What do I need to qualify for this job?

? 硕士及其以上学历优秀毕业生
? Master or comparable degree completed with above-average grades
? Preferred Majors: 硕士,专业为经济管理,或电气工程相关专业
? Master majored in Management, Economy or Electric Engineering
? Specific Requirements:
? 优秀的分析能力(结构化思考,独立思考,数据分析等)
? Good analytical skills (structural thinking, independent thinking, data analysis)
? 优秀的表达能力
? Good presentation skills including making slides
? 优秀的沟通和团队合作精神、结果导向
? Good communication & collaboration skills, result-orientation
? 具有海外生活、留学或工作经历,或在跨国企业具有长时间实习经历
? Significant experience of a foreign-speaking culture by way of an extended stay abroad or of meaning internship in international companies
? 英语流利,掌握更多语言者优先
? Fluency in English; knowledge of further languages is welcome
? 思想开放,积极性强,乐于接受挑战
? Open-minded, highly motivated and ready to take on challenges
? 接受弹性工作地点,并能适应不断改变的工作环境
? Flexible, mobile and interested in working in an international and constantly changing work environment
? 有项目管理相关经验者优先
? project management experience would be a plus
Target Universities for Requested Majors (if applicable) (internal use only):

Job ID: 88471

Organisation: Energy Management

Experience Level: Recent College Graduate

Job Type: Full-time

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