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Siemens SMRE Manufacturing Engineer 西门子轨道交通设备有限公司 工艺工程师(电机浸漆) 天津


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Job Description

Job Description:
1. Implements defined superior policies and guidelines, and defines and ensures implementation of function specific processes, procedures, methods and/or tools.
2. Create VPI technology process, implement and quality controal .document it . 制定VPI 工艺过程,执行,监督,并且文件化。
3. VPI system design ,make equipment maintenance plan and excution on time  ,make sure VPI whole system is available and running well.running report provided . necessary tooling design VPI系统设计,制定设备维护计划,以及计划的有效实施, 以保障VPI整个系统的有效良好运行并且提供设备运行报告。必要的工装夹具的设计。
4. Make sure VPI production process safety , create working instruction .  确保VPI生产过程的安全性,制定操作指导。
5. Allocates manpower  and production resources according to production plan. Delivery on time.按照生产计划合理安排人员和产能。及时交货。
6. Executes and contributes to implementation of continuous improvements in production processes. VPI system capacity evaluation and contribution on productivity improvement.实施并积极参与生产过程的持续改进。VPI系统的产能评估和生产力的提高 

1. Minimum 5 years' experience in VPI  technology , VPI system and equipment mangement position .至少5年从事VPI 工艺以及系统设备管理经验;
2. Solid experience in Lean Manufacturing.实际的精益生产经验;
3. Experienced in organizing and managing a modern industorial production.熟练组织和管理现代工业生产的经验。

Job ID: 88583

Organisation: Mobility

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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