IOT ISE Solution Architect - IoT Generalist & IT/OT Integration Specialist

Job Description

What are my responsibilities?
• As solution architect in the IoT space you will design end-to-end IoT solutions establishing performance metrics and leveraging existing tools to ensure a highly scalable, high-performance solution for our clients.
• Develop agile and cost effective IoT architectures based on review of current client/customer needs, environments and scenario analysis
• Reach out to various stakeholders to ensure adherence to all requirements with regard to technical maturity, cost efficiency and support capability
• Deploy solution architectures and define consistent models to ensure conformance with standards (standard interfaces, standard components etc.) in various industry leading IoT solutions
• Institute solution-testing criteria, and conduct analysis of alternative solutions and infrastructure elements
• Estimate required cost-of-ownership of chosen solution
• Document and present technical specifications, design, chances & risks, recommendations and measures
• Partner with project and bid managers to ensure adherence to the accepted methodologies, conduct risk identification and mitigation planning
• Stay updated about the latest developments in IoT and associated technologies
What do I need to qualify for this job?  
• 6+ years experience in application, database, network and sensor architecture – engineering practices such as code refactoring, design patterns, design driven development, continuous integration
• 2+ years experience building IoT Solution Architecture and developing PoC / MVP for a large-scale enterprise-wide solution
• 2+ years experience designing data architectures, visual data ingestion, stream / batch processing, analytics on enterprise-scale IoT projects
• Experience in designing IoT device networks such as LoRA, Zigbee, OPC UA, DDS etc.
• Understanding of cloud computing, network programming, embedded system programming and web / internet programming
• Experience in big data analytics, AI / Machine Learning and microservices architecture applications and what is needed to fulfill customer needs
• Experience building one or more specific IoT industry solutions, i.e., manufacturing, smart utilities, smart cities, Industrial IoT, asset tracking
• Self-responsible and structured working method, high degree of customer orientation and innovative & entrepreneurial way of thinking
• Fluent in English

Job ID: 89048

Organization: Internet of Things

Company: Siemens Ltd., China

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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