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SHL L&C Compliance Officer

Shanghai, China
Legal & Compliance

English (UK)

Job Description

We at Siemens Healthineers™ are committed to helping healthcare providers globally to succeed in today's dynamic environment. We are inspired to transform the way things are done –because we want what is best for our people, our customers and ultimately the health of mankind. While we are invested in engineering excellence – leading-edge medical technologies and services, we don’t stop there. We're also deeply invested in our 46.000 people with the hearts of pioneers and minds of engineers, highly committed and connected in this industry. And as we strive to shape the future of healthcare, our overall success will depend on our ability to continuously reinvent ourselves.


If you are ambitious and change makes you thrive, help transform Siemens Healthineers into a learning organization.

Handle compliance related risk exposure and risk management

Handle strategic impact on overall compliance organization

Handle strategic impact on business processes

Risk Management (Full responsibility)

- Knowing strategy, environment and recent market changes of respective business

- Identification / analysis of potential risks / opportunities (together with Executive Management, where applicable)

- Prioritization of tasks / solutions based on risk assessment

- Develop responses and monitor risk mitigation

- Conducting Antitrust and Corruption exposure assessment

- Ensure that risks are adequately reflected in the Compliance risk portfolio


Policies, procedures and controls (Full responsibility)

- Alignment, monitoring and follow up of policies and guidelines for own area of responsibility

- Informing and consulting business proactively on new Compliance topics / regulations

- Building or participating in a network of experts to ensure consistency and quality of advice

- Initiation and coordination of compliance controls within business operations

- Securing the continuous development of internal compliance controls

- Ensuring that business takes responsibility for Compliance with relevant processes and tools

- Conducting M&A Compliance due-diligence and recommendation for board decisions

- Ensuring high professional standards of quality and transparency of processes


Integration in the business process (Full responsibility)

- Knowing the business and its environment, e.g. the products and relevant partners / competitors / customers

- Developing and sustaining a solid network based on trust within the business

- Motivating and enabling business to assume responsiblity for compliant business conduct

- Integrating Compliance into day-to-day operations, strategic business decision making and personnel processes

- Participating  in entity / senior management meetings for early involvement and discussion of business decisions

- Acting as advisor by demonstrating expertise and understanding internal customer needs

- Translating rules and regulations and advice into "language" of business and promoting them actively

- Facilitating Business success by actively developing practical solutions together with business as a team

- Regularly seeking internal customer feedback

- Speaking as one Legal Compliance voice


Training (Full responsibility)

- Acting as Compliance internal / external partner and change agent within own area of responsibility

- Securing understanding of Compliance and integrity by continuous training and knowledge transfer to business

- Ensuring that mandatory trainings are rolled out to relevant target employees

- Ensuring that own employees are well trained in Compliance topics and respective trainers have sufficient didactic skills                                                                                  

- Staying informed about developments of compliance topics and ensuring that own employees are also up-to-date

- Ensuring that all changes are reflected in the training materials and corporate training materials are supplemented with appropriate entity / target group specific content, if neccessary

- Ensuring that trainings are of high quality; initiate improvement measures based on participants' feedback


Communication (Full responsibility)

- Acting as facilitator and multiplication in order to assert understanding and commitment of management and employees

- Customizing and implementation of Corporate Compliance Communication strategy (including identification of relevant target groups, tailoring communication concept and selecting channels)

- Knowing what to communicate (including background mitigated risks and benefits), when, to whom and how

- Acting as guard by addressing compliance issues also against resistances

- Participating in business communication activities to promote Compliance system and integrity

- Evaluation of communication effectiveness


Collective Action (Support responsibility)

- Representing the organization towards governmental officials, NGO`s and others in regard to Compliance System, Collective Action and other Compliance issues

- Actively supporting fair and equitable market conditions and eliminating the temptation of corruption for all those concerned

- Active Stakeholder management and -engagement

- Being active as speaker in relevant events

- Design and implementation of new Collective Action initiatives and strategies for relevant units

- Supporting and monitoring of Siemens Integrity Initiative


This position may suit you best, if building learning organizations is your expertise and you have extensive experience with Top Management Learning and Leadership Development.

People Management (Shared responsibility)

- Recruiting the right people accordant to Compliance role-model and job profile

- Coaching and developing employees according to the requirements of a high-performance compliance system incl. succession planning 

- Efficient resource-management

Job ID: 89914

Organisation: Siemens Healthineers

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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