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SonarQube DevOps Engineer

Bengaluru, India
Information Technology

English (UK)

Job Description

∂ Responsible for deploying/supporting/maintaining SONARQUBE solutions.
∂ Set up the tool, administer the tool, configure the tool and support it. Deploy this at an enterprise level.
∂ Needs to understand the business aspect, security aspect, and technical aspect of SonarQube solutions.
∂ Create efficient, reliable infrastructure with code, automate processes and provide operational support. Build and
maintain tools for deployment, monitoring and operations.
∂ Understand how Sonar ties into the TFS C# and vNext build processes (primarily TFS C# but some Maven/ANT Java
and iOS Xcode) and how to configure Sonar itself
∂ Detailed understanding of how Sonar server and statistics database runs. Understand the architecture. Solve
problems by combing the message boards
∂ Understand the Sonar and IDE plugins
∂ First line trouble shooting of failed Sonar builds and unit tests
∂ Configure server and help buildmaster with Sonar build parameters
∂ Upgrade Sonar to new release and download the latest release and certifying it in the QA environment
∂ Understand how the cooperating tools like MSTest, FxCop, StyleCop, PC Lint work in the Sonar infrastructure
∂ Configuring and preforming basic administration in Azure (Setting up Machine, DB , NW )
∂ Provision and monitor database, build and Sonar servers
∂ Configure and understand the static code analysis rules and be able to answer basic questions about them
∂ Monitor Q-builds and Sonar server
∂ Perform Sonar Upgrades
∂ Assist Continuous Delivery Engineers with the integration of Sonar scans into the Java and .NET automated builds
∂ Troubleshoot Sonar Scan related issues and open Issues with the vendor as necessary
∂ Assist application teams in the Integration of Sonar processes into their local IDEs (Visual Studio, Eclipse, etc)
∂ Assist the Language specific Sonar Rules committees as needed
∂ TFS build mechanisms/vNext builds setup, configuration, incorporating 3rd party tools
∂ Exposure to C# would be an advantage
∂ IIS configuration, website setup, windows authentication mechanisms
∂ Active Directory groups, configuration.
∂ Conduct complex technical evaluation and suggest proposed physical architectures along with detailed design.
∂ Driving technical issues to resolution: from qualifying the issue, to reproducing it and conducting an in-depth technical
investigation (being in touch with the customer and managing their expectations all along the way)
∂ Responsibility to install, configure and maintain applications with IT infrastructure
∂ A strong understanding of operating systems, networking, and software engineering fundamentals
∂ Experience with Basic Azure Sys Ops
∂ Provide on-call support to resolve and/or escalate production incidents or issues outside normal working hours
including support during software deployment/release activities.
∂ Participate in all phases of system development, deployment, configuration, and monitoring including performance
and availability, alerting, data integrity, security and capacity planning.
∂ Must be able to communicate and work effectively in a multi-cultural environment. Must possess the ability to
collaborate remotely with the functional teams in Germany and the USA.
∂ Must be a self-starter, capable of working with very little supervision
∂ Must be capable of taking initiative, with a firm understanding of the final goal to be achieved
∂ Must be an excellent team player

Job ID: 90663

Organisation: Siemens Healthineers

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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