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WalkMe HTML UI Web Designer

Bengaluru, India
Information Technology

English (UK)

Job Description


WalkMe Position:




Service description:  WalkMe is a cloud-based training tool that uses context-based training content to understand what a user is trying to do, and then guides the user via screen overlays.  For example, if a user invokes WalkMe while looking at the “New Opportunity” screen in a CRM system, WalkMe will understand that the user is trying to create a new Opportunity, dim the screen, and then brighten just the fields that the user must value in order to proceed.




WalkMe consists of two primary modules:  a creation module and a player module.

  • Creation module:  Used by content creators to build and maintain training content.  We are looking for content creators.

  • Player module:  Invoked by users to interact with training content.




Job / Profile Description:  WalkMe provides an online learning / training system for content creators.  Content creators must have the following skillset:

  • Technical experience in HTML5, CSS, and JQUERY

  • Experience in user experience-focused UI design

  • Sales education experience

  • Web application training experience

  • developing / enabling of given content (text support, workflows, etc)


Job ID: 90740

Organisation: Siemens Healthineers

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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