Siemens SFAE Commercial Officer西门子工厂自动化工程有限公司 商务专员 北京

Job Description

What are my responsibilities?

1 "Bidding phase
commercial evaluation, commercial negotiation, LOA process implementation."
2 "Sign contract
Contract T&C commercial evaluation, and monitor the contract signature process ."
3 "Project implementation phase:.
Create Sales Order/WBS
In order to book figure of new order in time, create Sales Order/WBS in SAP. "
4 Participate project hand over meeting: Commercial risk evaluation and key points of contract T&C from commercial side( such as payment schedule, billing plan, risk , etc).
5 "Payment Recognition                                                                                                                                           
In order to cooperate accounting for clearing work, recognize in time customer payment with correct customer number and order number on intranet payment recognition system."
6 "Goods Receipt and Delivery
In order to trace material flow to meet contract delivery schedule, confirm the correction of goods type and quantity for Logistics Department to do GR, and issue delivery request to Logistics Department."
7 "Billing
In order to realize turnover or progress billing, make billing document in SAP, deliver invoice application to Accounting Department for issuing official invoice and send it to customer."
8 Review the projects figures in system timely, ensure the accurate results.
9 " Project review, reporting and forecast:
Projects regular review with project manager , including the projects cost status, forecast, payment status, billing plan, cash flow status review ."
10 Analyze key figures of new order, turn over, GM , EBIT and cash flow.
11 Prepare monthly report to analyze key figures of AR and inventory by position.
12 "Contract Filing
In order to manage document effectively, file contract and document correctly according to company related circular regulation."
13 Other tasks assigned by Team Leader or Department Manager

What do I need to know to qualify for this job?

1.Bachelor degree or above. At least 3 years experience of commercial or financial controlling function including 1 year experience of SAP practice, Project commercial experience is preferred.
2. 2~3 years multinational company work experience
3. Commercial knowledge like contract law, Incoterms, contract negotiation experience is preferred.
4. Financial and tax knowledge

What else do I need to know?

西门子工厂自动化工程有限公司创建于1993年, 是西门子在中国自动化领域投资的第一家运营公司。2015起该公司整合了西门子在中国的工厂自动化工程团队、过程自动化工程团队、以及客户服务团队的资源,新成立九大事业部。在此基础上,公司业务覆盖范围进一步拓宽, 利用高质量的西门子产品、源自德国的先进技术,凭借丰富的工程经验及创新的解决方案成为西门子流程工业与驱动集团以及数字化工厂集团专业的工程与服务公司。
公司于2006年获得中国电气工业100强称号,排名第93位。 2014年排名至第40位,评为“竞争力10强”企业。

Job ID: 90787

Organization: Digital Industries

Company: Siemens Factory Automation Engineering Ltd.

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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