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BT BSCE CSC Engineer 西门子西伯乐斯 楼控产品 技术支持工程师 北京

Customer Services

English (UK)

Job Description

What are my responsibilities?

-Give application, engineering and training support for assigned products portfolio and assigned customer technicians and to specialists in RC 给西门子内部技术工程师及代理商技术人员提供产品应用,工程项目技术支持及产品培训 -Give hotline support and trouble-shooting (if necessary on site), for assigned products portfolio and asssigned customer technicians and to specialists in RC 给西门子员工及代理商技术人员提供产品技术热线服务及故障处理(如必要现场支持) -Provide Product managers ,quality managers and Sales Managers with market-feedback / information on product quality and customer requirements for the assigned products 提供市场产品反馈信息质量信息及客户需求报告给产品管理,质量管理和销售部门 -Maintain Tools for the hotline and support processes 维护热线平台及支持流程运营 -Participate in system tests for new products from BSCE& HQ to ensure product quality from customers point of view and as preparation / know how acquisition for support tasks 参与总部及BSCE新产品的系统测试,以保证产品质量

What do I need to qualify for this job?

-Practical experience in service or support business for Control Products and systems products CPS产品服务支持领域实际工作经验 -CPS product&application CPS产品及应用经验 -Control Products and systems productshotline operation, failure & ChangeRquirement management -热线运营及缺陷管理设计变更经验 MS Office Standard-applications -office软件应用经验 Language: English - fluently spoken and written -英语听说读写流利 Language: Chinese - fluently

Job ID: 91754

Organisation: Building Technologies

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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