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Certified Project Manager - Power Supply

Huaykwang, Thailand
Project Management

English (UK)

Job Description

Job Objectives/Summary

Designs, develops and manages customer projects according to defined Project Management (PM) standards and customer requirements, and with end to end responsibility for economic results, quality, schedule and EHS

Area of Responsibilities

  • Drives own empowerment with adequate signature authorization and target agreement to manage the project as entrepreneur
  • Stands for overall responsibility on project results based on strategic priorities and set goals (e.g. budget, quality, schedule, EHS)
  • Stands for taken decisions towards senior management even against resistance

Main Tasks

Manage the project throughout the project Life Cycle until final acceptance (FAC):
  • Coordinates overall planning of the project and decides on allocation of resources
  • Clarifies specification and continuously liaise with accountable Sub Project Manager 
  • Handles milestone and adherence to budgets and initiates actions to minimize non-conformance cost 
  • Sets up and maintains the Siemens Project Management Plan including Quality Management Plan
  • Involves the relevant partners in the sales/ project initiation phase
  • Performs contract reading and derives actions concerning risks, opportunities and contractual obligations 
  • Agrees targets and work packages with project staff and delegates defined work packages
  • Is responsible for the technical solution and integration of all (sub-)systems
  • Ensures proper ramp up and execution of site activities (e.g. coordination of agreed commissioning measures onsite together with Site Manager
  • Holds regular project status meetings and organizes acceptance of milestone work results
  • Documents all work results according to the valid standards
  • Manages acceptance (tests) and final project handover
  • Manages an overall project with onshore and offshore part according to the New Collaboration Model 
  • Manages an overall project in a consortium structure
  • Is responsible for quality, EHS for the entire project

Manage Customer Requirements:
  • Manages customer expectations and solving of issues; identifies / creates additional opportunities out of the ongoing projects
  • Actively gathers information on the customer and customer's strategies, requirements and targets
  • Consults with customers on technical solutions, together with Sales Manager or Key Account Manager
  • Clarifies customers' targets and requirements, and/or specification in request for proposal (RFP) and leads negotiation with customers    
  • Regularly performs lessons learned activities and feeds the results into own project and organization
  • At an early stage, informs customer, management and project team of deviations from project plan

Develop strategies for the project and beyond:
  • Acts as an advisor for senior management
  • Brings about strategic decisions and asserts them
  • Aligns project targets with business strategy
  • Develops and considers strategic targets for own project in line with responsible business manager
  • Represents the project in the relevant decision boards internally and externally on senior management level
  • Identifies / creates additional opportunities out of the ongoing project

Manage project finances:
  • Lives full responsibility for the financial results according to set targets
  • Examines the project proposal/order entry costing
  • Ensures regular financial controlling and reporting according to regulations
  • Optimizes the project cash flow, assets and financing instruments
  • Manages bonds and letters of credit
  • Identifies non-conformances and minimizes non-conformance costs
  • Fosters change orders with good margin contribution
  • Ensures that the results of risk assessments are appropriately reflected in project calculation

Leads and manages all assigned project staff:
  • Agrees targets with project staff and delegates defined responsibilities and authority
  • Holds and seeks actively feedback (e.g. team members, managers, customers)
  • Takes responsibility for own and supports team-members' work life balance
  • Supports team-members' personal development (eg. PMP-process)
  • Involves direct reports of project team in relevant project issues 
  • Demonstrates intercultural leadership, sets stretching goals and achieves beyond
  • Facilitates and monitors effective team collaboration (e.g. via coaching)
  • Fosters ownership culture within the project team

Manage stakeholders
  • Actively builds up relationship and communicates with customer's high seniority representatives/ senior management with different cultural background
  • Establishes a stakeholder project impact-/mitigation study 
  • Conducts stakeholder analysis and manages efficient communication with all relevant stakeholders in different countries
  • Communicates cross-organizationally with international contacts on opportunities for further improvements
  • Actively manages and solves conflicts
  • Deals effectively with potential target conflicts between regional and parent organizations

Manage risks, contracts and claims:
  • Follows the LoA process
  • Assesses and manages contracts in a consortium, EPC and turnkey project 
  • Negotiates with stakeholders on Change Requests and incorporates them into contracts
  • Involves the assigned project members in the identification of changes and claims 
  • At an early stage identifies, drives, defends and mitigates claims
  • Ensures monitoring and management of risks and opportunities and early escalation
  • Devises suitable strategies for risk mitigation
  • Implements procedure to solve major issues with all necessary internal and external partners prior to project dis-orientations
  • Monitors the progress with an integrated KPI tracking to enable early warning of project dis-orientations 

Manage compliance to standards, rules and regulations
  • Leads project members to act according to the Business Conduct Guidelines and establishes a culture of trust and integrity
  • Follows existing rules (e.g. tax regulations, arms lengths principle, delegation of employees, guarantees and export control) 
  • Sets necessary measures to ensure zero harm policy in environment, health and safety
  • Sets up a framework to regularly check compliance
  • Involves the necessary BU/DIV contacts or corporate units (e.g. crises management) 
  • Ensures compliance to local standards and law of countries directly affected
  • Ensures compliance to internal and international rules

Job ID: 91777

Organisation: Mobility

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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