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西门子财务租赁 业务拓展经理(医疗)


English (UK)

Job Description


  1. Based on fair market data and detail customer situation to initiate customer analysis for risk control and approach plan
  2. Develop criteria for dealer screening based on SFLL strategic plan 
  • - Research on market on specific segment
  • - Set up dealer contact and plan 
    - Design leasing product 
    - Regular analysis report 
    - Initiate request for new products for existing vendors
  1. Structure vendor development and business plan
  2. Propose leasing product for new and existing vendors
  3. Design and provide training material for vendor sales and SFLL sales 


- Bachelor or above

- Experience in project management.

- Experience in interfacing with multi functions

- Knowledge of lease/finance business 

- Office Software 

- Basic knowledge on legal and tax in China

- Fluent English both spoken and written.

Job ID: 92763

Organization: Financial Services

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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