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Project Director - Grid Access

Manchester, United Kingdom
Project Management

English (UK)

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The Siemens Energy Management Division is one of the leading global suppliers of products, systems, solutions, and services for the economical, reliable, and intelligent transmission and distribution of electrical power. As the trusted partner for the development and extension of an efficient and reliable power infrastructure, Energy Management offers utilities and the industry the portfolio they need.

Within Grid Access as part of Siemens Energy Management we connect clean and renewable energy, mainly offshore wind parks to the national grids in the UK and increasingly overseas as well.

Your new role – challenging and future-oriented

Siemens Energy Management Divison has exciting new opportunities for a Project Director for the delivery of a number of offshore grid access connections – Offshore Transformer Module OTM and onshore substation-  for Offshore Wind Farms in the UK and overseas.

The Project Director manages - with full responsibility for results - the complete high-profile project in the context of Grid Access stipulations and regulations with the objective of:

  • executing the project within the defined requirements (e.g. cost, time, functionality, customer    satisfaction)
  • ensuring business success and satisfaction of the customer
  • ensuring professional stakeholder management
  • ensuring timely decisions on open issues, escalating if necessary

As Project Director, you will be reporting to the Responsible Business Manager. Your principal role will be the management of the overall project comprising of packages ranging from HV equipment, onshore land stations, Offshore Platforms, Offshore Containers to Ancillary systems throughout all the phases from design, construction to commissioning. You should have previously managed a large sized projects preferably in the transmission and ideally and / or in the offshore industry and be able to demonstrate your success in delivery.

As your target for Customer Management you strive to manages customer expectations and conclude the project to the satisfaction of the customer.

You support the business by devising and implementing strategies for strengthening customer commitment and market position, where applicable.

You are fully responsible for Risk, Opportunity and Issue Management by:

  • Utilizing available risk measurement tools throughout project life cycle to identify and assesses all risk factors
  • Devising suitable strategies for risk mitigation (elimination, reduction)
  • Implementing procedure for solving issues and problems (identification, analysis, actions and controlling) with all necessary internal and external partners
  • identifying, assessing, and implementing all opportunities for improving results throughout project life cycle

As part of your Contract, Change and Claim Management responsibilities you will:

  • Influence formulation of the necessary contracts
  • Negotiate with stakeholders on Change Requests and incorporate them into contracts 
  • Define and agree with stakeholders the strategy for making / mitigating / defending claims
  • Involve the project team in the identification of changes and claims
  • Assess contracts in terms of claim-relevant significance, ensure examination by legal expert
  • Put the strategy for making / mitigating claims into practice
  • At an early stage, inform customer, management and project team of deviations
  • At an early stage identify, drive, defend and mitigate claims

Important part of your work will be the Project Planning, Controlling and Closure. You will

  • Handle all PM@Siemens - relevant planning elements and milestone work results according to the project category
  • Set up and maintain the Siemens Project Management Plan
  • Monitor continuously the project status, taking into account IFRS, early identification of discrepancies and initiates targeted actions
  • Define procedures and requirements concerning quality management (audits, test seals, acceptance checks) according to valid Quality Management regulations and standards
  • Hold regular project status meetings and organizes acceptance of milestone work results
  • Manage acceptance of delivery units and services, performing quality controls
  • Document all work results according to the valid standards
  • Organize acceptance tests and final project handover to contract partner(s)

In your Leadership & Communication role you will

  • Ensure efficient communication with all relevant stakeholders
  • Ensure targeted and full communication within the project team
  • Agree targets with project staff and delegates defined responsibilities and authority
  • Facilitate and monitor effective team collaboration (e.g. via coaching)
  • Hold feedback sessions with each directly assigned member of staff
  • Seek active feedback (e.g. from members of staff, managers, customers)

As part of your Business Integrity role you will

  • Adhere to the Siemens Business Conduct Guidelines (e.g. Tax regulations, Delegation of employees, Export Control, EHS (environment, health and safety))
  • Involve - if necessary - the respective corporate governance units (e.g. Compliance, Legal Units, HR, Workers Council)
  • Forward all relevant information to the project team members and partners
  • Set up a framework to ensure regular checks of the compliance in the project, e.g. by conducting Compliance Risk (Re-) Assessments at the appropriate milestones / Quality Gates

Ideally you have an advanced knowledge of Siemens Business Conduct Guidelines (e.g. EHS, Compliance Regulations), Rules and regulations for PM@Siemens

You should have expert knowledge of internal and international rules (ZRG, AWV, INCOTERMS), Fundamentals of Supply Chain Management, Asset Management, Global Procurement Policy: Rules, structures and processes. Ideally you are aware of Siemens-specific: Knowledge and interrelation of the project environment with e.g. context, strategy, targets, processes, rules, decision-makers and stakeholders, platforms, IT systems and tools.

Pivotal for this role are Leadership methodologies e.g. for personnel management and development, team development, motivation, conflict management.

You should have a track record of Knowledge of economics in project business: Established procedures for monitoring and control of financial aspects of project (e.g. project costing and reviewing).

Your expert knowledge of project management tools enables you to use the PM methods concerning efficient project organization including roles and responsibilities, duties and collaboration (also with customers and partners)

Siemens look for these to be long term staff positions with a promising career opportunity in Project Management or other options within the business or within Siemens itself.

The role is predominantly Manchester based however as project life goes, there is an expectation of extensive amount of travel.

If you really want to make a difference – make it with us


Job ID: 93478

Organisation: Energy Management

Experience Level: not defined

Job Type: Full-time

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