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Taipei, Taiwan
SCM-Procurement / Supply Chain Logistics

English (UK)

Job Description


1.         Responsible of sourcing equipment, material and service in Building Technologies Field (BA, CCTV, SA, Network, HVAC, FS system, …..etc)


2.         The position will coordinator with cross function team to fulfill requirement of projects needed


3.         Supplier Chain Management: Sourcing, Supplier Selection, Evaluation and Continued development….etc.

(供應商管理: 尋求專業配合供應商,篩選合格供應商,供應商評核,培養專業供應商…etc).

4.         Order Processing: Familiar with SAP system for MM Function


Practical experience and years of experience:

At least 3 years working experience in Electricity Engineering field or solid working experience in project procurement (3年水電工程發包經驗或案件採購發包經驗)

Special skills/knowledge/languages:

1. Fair in English

   (語言: 英文聽說讀寫尚可)

2. Be able to work independently, communication precisely and logically with internally


3. Familiar with MS Office (Word, Excel, Power Point)

    (熟悉文書作業軟體MS Office)

Job ID: 93878

Organisation: Building Technologies

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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