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Project Manager 项目经理

WUHAN, China
Project Management

English (UK)

Job Description

Project Manager 

Job distribution:

  1. Coordinates overall planning of projects and decides on allocation of resources
  2. Maintains constant communication on customers, outside contractors or other stakeholders.
  3. Monitors continuously the status of all assigned projects, and supports the accountable project managers.
  4. Manages consolidation and completion of budget plannings for all projects, and ensures related reportings.
  5. Decides and allocates financial and personnel resources, to the assigned projects.
  6. Sets up and monitors all assigned projects, and consults and supports the accountable project managers.
  7. Ensures that quality standards for project management processes are met at all times.
  8. Initiate improvements and ensures appropriate PM workflow environment
  9. May clarify cases as an escalation point
  10. Oversees and manages a delicated team of project manager and /or project management office staff.

Job requirement

  1. 5年以上工作经验,3年以上项目管理经验
  2. 良好的项目管理经验
  3. 3. 本科以上学历
  4. 熟悉电力行业,输变电行业
  5. 优秀的沟通表达和协调能力

Job ID: 95123

Organisation: Energy Management

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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