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Siemens GMC Service Engineer 西门子数控 运动控制产品服务工程师 (南京)

Customer Services

English (UK)

Job Description

Mission of Function?

The GMC service engineer is responsible for GMC field service onsite, and main task is to provide professional field service for SNC GMC products, includes exchange onsite, technical training, trouble shooting etc. At the same times, offer service report with data analysis and summary.

What are my responsibilities?

-          Provide professional filed service for SNC GMC products according to product specific service concept, includes module exchange onsite, technical training and trouble shooting.

-          In close cooperation with the responsible Service units and product management.

-          To handle escalated case about GMC application, and lead to solve it by coordinating resource & develop and product management colleague.

-          Support to SNC internal cross function division about GMC product knowledge and knowhow.

-          To generate the professional service report with data analysis and summary

-          Diagnose application problems quickly with systematic thinking sense.

-          To share knowledge and experience impartially.  

What do I need to qualify for this job?

1.自动化相关专业, 并在该行业共2年以上,Automation related (such as Automation, Electrical Engineering, electrical science and engineering etc.) and has above 2 years work experience at automation industry.
本科以上学历 > Bachelor's degree
英语四级以上,良好读写能力 >CET, good read/write competence
熟悉变频器应用 be familiar at GMC application, for example converter, servo control etc.
清晰的逻辑思维能力,良好的学习能力, Strategy mind, clear logic thinking and fast learner.
很好的沟通能力 Good communication skill

Job ID: 95687

Organisation: Digital Factory

Experience Level: Experienced Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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