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Process Safety Consultant I

Bucuresti, Romania

English (UK)

Job Description


Candidates at the Process Engineer level are new or recent college graduates. A Bachelors of Science or higher degree is required from a recognized engineering program. Chemical Engineers are preferred.

The following qualifications are valued and considered when selecting employees:


- Academic performance


- Engineering experience


- Communication skills


- Problem solving skills


- Leadership potential


What are my responsibilities?


The primary responsibility is to perform engineering calculations associated with pressure relief system design. Emphasis is placed on quality of work product and work efficiency. The Process Engineer reports to an assigned engineering group manager who establishes clear expectations in terms of work quality and technical development.


Through a combination of formal training, mentoring, and on-the-job training, the Process Engineers expected to be proficient in the following tasks:

- Identifying overpressure scenarios for various types of processing equipment

 - Calculating relief loads for various types of overpressure scenarios

 - Evaluating pressure relief device capacities

 - Utilizing process simulation tools (i.e., HYSYS, PRO/II, Visual Flow, FlareNet, etc.)

 - Interprets data from piping & instrument diagrams, process flow diagrams, plot plans, piping isometrics, mechanical design information, typical unit operation specifications, & electrical one-line diagram.

- Collects mechanical design information & typical unit operation specifications as well as develops piping drawings from client site.

 - Furthermore, the Process Engineer is expected to become familiar with the following:

- Industry and corporate standards regarding pressure relief system and vessel design

 - Piping and instrument diagrams

- Piping isometrics

- Mechanical design information and specification for typical unit operations

- Typical plant information systems

- Basic relief header and flare design concepts

 - Identification of equipment and instrumentation in the field

Job Family Responsibilities:

Assists in routine material specification, schematic preparation and appropriate follow-up. Provides assistance in routine design, development, testing and modifications of solutions. Provides assistance in preparing explanations and clarifies information to enable proper interpretation and evaluation of routine specifications, performance characteristics or other technical data. Assists in communicating routine technical and commercial issues clearly. May assist in recommending routine new designs, new processes, or design changes to meet requirements.

Key Responsibilities:

Performs basic tasks and functions for professional field of work. Seeks advice and guidance on non-routine or problem areas from others. Identifies problems as they occur and takes appropriate steps to solve them in situations where the problem is not difficult or complex.

Your qualifications:

 BS/BA in related discipline, or advanced degree, where required, or equivalent combination of education and experience. Certification may be required in some areas.

Demonstrates a basic knowledge of professional principles and skills. Effectively uses fundamental concepts, practices, and procedures of particular area of specialization. Typically up to 2 years of successful experience in related field and successful demonstration of Key Responsibilities and Knowledge as presented above. Advanced degree MAY be substituted for experience, where applicable.

Key Working Relationships:

Contacts are primarily with immediate manager and others in the group.


Up to 25%


Job ID: 97011

Organisation: Digital Factory

Experience Level: Early Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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