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(FLC)WIND-Service Provider Management Engineer

Customer Services

English (UK)

Job Description

  1. CSP Management inquiry, negotiation, follow up purchase order and other matters.服务供应商管理:包括询价、议价,跟进采购订单等事宜 。         
  2. Coordinate regular supplier process audit.协调定期服务供应商审核。
  3. Help suppliers in the working process and quality control to identify potential problems, to avoid any quality accident.帮助服务供应商在工作过程和质量控制等方面找出潜在的问题,避免出现任何质量事故。
  4. Negotiate the service agreement with service provider to realize the formulated business plan.
    和服务供应商谈判合同框架协议,实现商业计划共识 。
  5. Support to explore and develop valuable service provider.能够支持发掘并开发具有价值的服务供应商。


1.Five or more years of working experience in Industrial field                       
2.Good team work spirit               
3.Statistics analysis skills       
4.Logical thinking, mathematical modeling thought         
5.Fluent English speaking, reading and writing

Job ID: 99861

Organization: Portfolio Companies

Experience Level: Mid-level Professional

Job Type: Full-time

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